Monday, September 5, 2016

San Francisco Zine Fest 2016

I dropped in on the 15th annual San Francisco Zine Fest this last Sunday in Golden Gate Park. It's a lively event with a lot of creative energy and lacking the corporate aura surrounding most 'comic' cons these days. The focus is on do-it-yourself print media by local Bay Area creators.

             Here's the illustrious Jaime Crespo and publisher Francis Kohler

                             Here's the equally illustrious Mark Badger

I only picked up a few items at the Fest and didn't notice until I got home the curious aquatic theme to my purchases.

A nice strange book by Anna Zusman

                                  Sea Creature Story is by Skip Wrightson

    The all-Creature of the Black Lagoon edition of Monster Nerd

But I did get a copy of David Enos' enigmatic Bat-Man is Lost in a Woods

This poster I saw at one of the booths probably best spells out the Zine Fest ethos:

For future reference:

Jaime Crespo:

Mark Badger:

Anna Zusman:

Skip Wrightson:

Monster Nerd:

David Enos:

San Francisco Zine Fest:

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