Sunday, August 21, 2016

Molly's Turn: A Long Time Coming!

 Here are some photos of a day in the life of my class on Beginning Portraiture at Riley Street Art Supply, Please enjoy!

Here are the artists all working hard

And here are the artists ……hmmmmmm

Harry and Kathleen
Harry working hard on completing his portrait of his grandson
and Kathleen starting her first portrait of dog.

Annalise and Francis

Annalise with her beginning portrait of her sister dancing.
She leaves for college! Go Annalise, we will miss you!!

Here's Francis working on an illustation for her sister's children's book.

Josie and her beginning dog portrait #2

Kathleen and the beginning 

And finished!

She did such a great job!!

Shari plotting out her dog portrait

What a great beginning she has made.

I love the expression on this face.

Now if I were a great photographer this would be a wonderful photo!
I'm so sorry its blurry!!
I love teaching this class, it's wonderful to see people become confident in moving forward and seeing what the medium of acrylic will do for them. It's so exciting to see each person's own process and style.
I so appreciate Riley Street Art Supply's for their wonderful team of people and for creating such a great place to learn the art of painting.

If you live near by and would like to come join us please do!

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