Monday, September 1, 2014

Larry's Vault: Napkin Drawings Part III

Everyone is probably familiar with the drawing game—exquisite corpses—where each participant only sees the end line of the last artist’s part of a drawing and adds to it. Often the results are startling and occasionally truly ridiculous.  Sometimes surprisingly cohesive.

 Here are a few more napkins (see posts of Aug.15th ) from decades gone by, this time including a few drawing games.

This exquisite corpse was drawn in North Beach on a Vesuvio's Cafe napkin. 

(This one is signed by me and Kathy Nygren)

(Dalison worked on this one)

(This really looks like it was drawn by one person but I drew the face and feet)

This isn't really an exqisite corpse. Random sketches by David Rippee, Alan Cumings and me.


Just a few more napkin sketches

by Dalison
by Hugo
Hugo again
Dalison again

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