Monday, September 29, 2014

11th Annual Roadworks

Yesterday, Molly and I  attended the 11th annual Roadworks. It's a fundrasier for the San Francisco Center for the Book.  SFCB promotes and supports book arts--letterpress printing, book binding and the creation of artists' books.

The Roadworks event is always interesting. Aside from the opportunity to watch a huge and classic Buffalo Springfield steamroller 'press' a 3 foot square blockprint onto paper right in the middle of Rhode Island Street, the event offers a chance to meet printmakers and purchase prints.

Here are a few snaps from the day.

Inking a 3 foot square block

After the print was made, printing assistants hung the prints on nearby fencing. Here is a great Godzilla-destroys-San Francisco print by Eric Rewitzer.

A print by Richard Wagener

A beautifully abstracted piece by Luz Marina Ruiz.

Here are a couple more Godzilla pieces from Eric Rewitzer's booth.

Inside the Center for the Book you can check out the fine collection of operational presses.
This one, a Reliance Midget, used to belong to printer Arlin Philpott, our Fairfaxian neighbor.

There were few more large prints from past events on display inside.

Paul Madonna

Art Hazelwood

Rigel Stuhmiller

Kathy Aoki

Two prints by Daniel Gonzalez

All artworks copyright by respective artists

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